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A warm welcome!

Dear reader
On behalf of the Board of the Friends, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you (you). Allow yourself to look into a small oasis on the edge of today's education business. Here you could and can study, and friendships could develop that will last for a long time. Therefore meet again in this circle of friends! Count yourselves confidently among the older ones and tell your stories. And tell them to the current residents as well. Because they need these stories and your support for orientation, just as you needed it.
But there is another motivation behind our commitment. We want the ecumenical idea to become a living reality. The Ecumenical Institute and Residence offers an ideal opportunity for this. As we have experienced it, we would like it to be given to students of different backgrounds without any worries. Only the understanding coexistence of people of different religions and cultures can ensure lasting peace. We would like to play our part in this.
- Dr. Rolf Herrfahrdt

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