Student HallApplication

The Application Procedure

Since a considerably larger amount of applications are received than rooms available, a selection is necessary – unfortunately, we cannot accept every applicant – and this procedure is conducted on the basis of documents submitted for application. Please note: an application is only eligible for consideration with the provided aplicationform.


A written self description is also required – a detailed piece of writing about yourself (please do not exceed three single-sided pages of standard A4 paper at the most), which can help us to get a more personal impression of you than what is possible within the confines of the official information required in the application form. Therefore you should write, first and foremost, about your personal interests and experiences: tell us who you are. You may use following prompts, for example, to help us get to know you:

  • What have been the important stages of your life?
  • Which experiences have shaped you as a person?
  • What is important to you in life?
  • What are your interests?
  • What are your priorities in life?
  • What do you like to do in your spare time? (eg. music, sports, art, involvement in religious, social or political activities, etc.)
  • Why do you want to live in the Ecumenical Student Hall of Residence? What do you expect from our house and what would you like to contribute? How do you imagine life in an Ecumenical residence and community?

We will additionally need a copy of your academic certificates or diplomas that qualify you for entrance to university level education (‘A levels’, ‘High School diplomas’, for instance, or corresponding equivalents), as well as proof of registration or acceptance at the University of Heidelberg or a certificate/written confirmation from your present university, should you not yet be registered at the University of Heidelberg. Students in their first semester may hand in this certificate at a later date.

You may enter your application in English as well. Still, please notice that the communication in our dorm is mainly in German language which means that you need to have at least the language knowledge basis of A1.

Deadlines for Applications

Students must apply by the 15th of June (for the winter semester) or the 15th January (for the summer semester). In addition, official documents that are not yet available at the time of application can be submitted subsequently (please note this in your application).

Finally, you may expect to receive notice of the admissions-decisions within the following 1-2 weeks of the application deadline: whether you have received a place, have been placed on the waiting list or whether your application has not resulted in a reserving a place for that upcoming semester. In this latter case, applicants are still eligible and welcome to apply again in the following semester.

Given the current circumstances, we will also accept applications by email and/or after the deadline.

Rental Conditions at the Ecumenical Student Hall of Residence

One of the most important aspects of living in the Ecumenical Student hall of Residence is being part of its community. The house members are obliged to regularly take part in the student community evenings (every Tuesday onwards) as well as in the introductory weekend (which takes place on the first weekend of the semester’s commencement).

Only registered students, Ph.D. candidates and guest lecturers at the University of Heidelberg are eligible for residence in the student hall and the length of stay may extend to 4 semesters. In extenuating circumstances where an exception can be justified (for example, in the case of an exam semester), residency can be extended for maximally one semester, concluding with the beginning of the following semester. Cancellation of the contract is only possible at semester’s end and must be submitted to the head of studies in writing by the 10th of January or the 10th of June (depending on which semester the contract is to be terminated in).

Included in the standard rent is a fee of € 25 required for communal costs (breakfast, communal meals during community evenings etc.). The cost of rent, including all utility costs(heating, water, electricity, internet access, use of communal areas), amounts to € 220 for one place in a double room, €255 for a small single room (approx. 10m²), € 326 for a medium sized single room (approx. 15m²) and €414 for a large room (approx. 20m²). This fee is to be paid in full, even if the house member is not present in the house for an extended period of time, does not take part in breakfast or should have to leave for whatever reason before the end of the semester. 

Upon the agreement and arrangement of the rental contract, a security deposit of the amount of € 200 must be paid by bank wire-transfer to the account of the student residence. A place in the student residence is secured upon the receipt of this sum.

Subletting or allowing the room to be used by non-residents (even by friends, or the presence of a guest for more than 3 nights) is not allowed. Certain exceptions to this rule can be made only by arrangement with the head of studies.

There are no on-site parking spaces for resident’s automobiles at the Ecumenical Student Hall of Residence. Bikes, however, may be kept in the bike storage facility that is at student’s disposal. Storing personal items or otherwise outside of student’s rooms is not permitted.

We look forward to your application!

Ephora  Prof. Dr. Friederike Nüssel
Studienleiter  Arne Bachmann, Mail to: sabine.huffman@oek.uni-heidelberg.de